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Smart glass partition,price use problems and detection,Let you have a better choice
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Smart glass
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Introduction of smart glass partition


Smart glass partition is a layer of liquid crystal film (commonly known as dimming film, PDLC film) sandwiched between two layers of glass. The liquid crystal film is covered by PVB film in the center, and then placed in an autoclave or glue furnace after high temperature and high pressure. Process glued together. In addition to the privacy protection function, smart dimming glass also has all the application characteristics of safety glass. It is composed of laminated glass manufacturing process, firmly bonding the liquid crystal dimming film between two pieces of ordinary float glass. The liquid crystal dimming film utilizes the phenomenon of electro-transmission and scattering of liquid crystals, so that the dimming glass has the functions of being transparent when energized and transparent and opaque (fogging) when powered off.

dimming glass principle

Characteristics: Transparent power-on, power-off atomization: fast response speed, instant invisibility can be achieved within 0.1 second.

Safety: Due to the manufacturing process of laminated double tempered glass, the PVB film in the dimming glass closely adheres the double-layer tempered glass and the liquid crystal dimming film; safe and stable.

Power-saving features: Transparent power-on, power-off atomization, the overall power consumption per square meter is about 5W, and the entire area can be controlled by a single control system.

Environmental protection features: Dimmable glass can shield more than 98% of ultraviolet light, protect indoor furnishings from fading and aging due to ultraviolet radiation, and protect personnel from diseases caused by excessive ultraviolet radiation.

Sound insulation characteristics: The dimming film and film in the middle of the dimming glass has sound damping effect, which can effectively block all kinds of noise to 38 decibels, even exceeding hollow sound insulation glass.

Energy saving: The heat insulation performance reaches level 2 or above.

Projection characteristics: In the closed state, the visible light scattering degree reaches more than 43%, and the transmittance reaches more than 50%. It can be used as a projection screen in the street-front shopping malls and has a good advertising effect. If the projection is in the open state, there is also a three-dimensional misty effect.

Since the dimming glass is a powered product, it is transparent when powered on, and it is frosted when powered off. It requires electric control operation. The control support: switching control, remote control, APP, sound control, gradual knob electrical control and light control, it is simple and convenient to use. .

smart glass parameters

How much is smart glass


The dimmable glass structure mainly belongs to the glue type: 5+5/6+6/8+8mm and other types, and the substrate can choose ordinary white or super white as the tempered glass material, so the price needs to be based on the applied raw material parameters it is calculated and calculated. The price of 5+5mm common white dimming glass for common applications is mainly produced by double-layer 5mm tempered glass + 2 or 4 layers of PVB film and intelligent liquid crystal dimming original film, and intelligent liquid crystal dimming original film (The cost here is self-adhesive film) the price per square meter of the material is about 300 yuan/square, which affects the production cost according to the amount of use; the total raw material cost of double-layer white tempered glass is about 100 yuan, plus 2 or 4 layers of PVB film The total amount of dimmer glass is about 560 yuan per square meter. The specific needs need to be calculated according to the detailed size and substrate requirements. Tedun special Glass specializes in the production of dimming glass manufacturers' technical guidance and recommendations.


smart glass use problems and detection


1. Analysis of the phenomenon of shrinking film in the dimming glass partition:

A. The glass glue is used incorrectly (the glass glue used in the installation process is acid or alkaline);

B. Product quality problems: the liquid crystal dimming film interlayer process in the glass production process causes the dimming film to shrink;

C. Artificially destroy the structure of the edge of the dimming glass.

2. Analysis of the reasons for the poor transmittance caused by unstable dimming:

A. The unstable voltage causes the dimming glass to not work normally;

B. Problems with dimming glass circuit;

C. There is a problem with the dimming glass transformer.

3. Analysis of the reason why the dimming glass cannot work normally:

A. Quality problems of dimming glass;

B. Dimming glass circuit problem;

C. The household voltage cannot reach the rated voltage;

D. The local voltage is lower than the rated voltage of the product.

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