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Anti-smashing glass

Anti-smashing glassFrom the thickness specifications of smash-proof glass, understanding how to calculate the price of smash-proof glass per square. The price of smash-proof glass is related to its application location and smash-proof performance.
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Anti-smashing glass

The smash-proof glass belongs to the GA844 smash-proof composite transparent material standard industry standard specification material, so it is necessary to provide the corresponding inspection report, factory certificate and other production qualifications. Next, we will explain the content related to the smash-proof glass price.


Anti-smashing glass thickness specifications


There is a positive correlation between the structure and the thickness, so whether we are discussing the thickness of bulletproof glass or other types of transparent materials, we need to judge its specifications based on the thickness of the flat glass or decide the thickness according to its specifications; anti-smashing glass the difference between bullet-proof glass and bullet-proof glass can be understood through "Difference between bullet-proof glass and smash-proof glass": the content mainly describes the safety performance between bullet-proof performance and smash-proof level. The thickness of anti-smashing glass can be understood through the existing anti-smashing inspection report: the brand of anti-smashing glass of TedunTebo has the following models: FD3BI,FZA-25-TD type anti-smashing glass, FDFZ-3B,SA-27- TD-I type bulletproof and smash-proof glass, FZB-A13-TD001 type smash-proof glass, FZCL-SA-17-TD-I type smash-proof transparent material (ie glass), etc., if the above four signal specifications are not defined If it is clear, you can click to view the definition of the grade model (GA844) in the bulletproof and a complete collection of smash-proof glass knowledge. The thickness of the smash-proof glass of the above four grade models are: 25mm, 27mm, 13mm, 17mm thick smash-proof glass. The specifications can be understood in depth through the anti-smashing glass inspection report.

Anti-smashing glass

Anti-smashing glass application place


First of all, is the transparent material used in this scenario protected against smashing? When we received the inquiry from the owner or the construction party, the market encountered something we did not understand about the material standard; so how does the application site require anti-smashing performance? What is the thickness and specifications of the anti-smashing glass? These are generally required by our manufacturers. To understand the customer clearly; if we do not provide the corresponding thickness specifications, we need to formulate the corresponding anti-smashing level according to the requirements of its application site;

For example: the most common banks in China under the old and new standards, bullet-proof glass changed into bullet-proof glass the anti-smashing glass models not only have requirements on anti-smashing performance, but also supplement the anti-smashing ability accordingly. Other application places for smash-proof glass are generally: financial industry, insurance applications, gold jewelry, pawn shops, banks, museums, showcases, etc. Observation windows/holes with smash-proof or bullet-proof requirements.


Smash-proof glass price


As the level of most concern to everyone, we still mainly elaborate on the calculation method of the price of smash-proof glass and the relationship with the thickness specification of smash-proof glass: the price of smash-proof glass is the same as that of bullet-proof glass, and the sizes and areas are normally greater than 0.2/ 0.3 square meters/block, the price is calculated according to the area, otherwise it can be calculated according to the quantity; the bulletproof has the thickness specifications corresponding to the grade models, and the thickness specifications of the smash-proof glass also correspond to the industry smash-proof grade models. The production process has a greater relationship, for example, our lowest thickness smash-proof glass (FZB-A13-TD001 type smash-proof glass) structure is 6+6, the price is (300¥60$)/ square. For specific requirements, please provide a message or communicate with professional production and technical personnel to obtain inspection reports and production materials can have more reference basis in the application.

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