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Glass shipping instructions


Transportation instructions: Since glass is a fragile product, the product needs to be effectively protected during the transportation process. Baoheng's packaging treatment for glass with different strengths is almost the same during the transportation process. Baoheng uses the safest glass The protection method effectively protects the glass surface and the edges and corners of the glass.


Glass corners: flat and special-shaped glass corners are protected by shock-proof rubber pads, and angles are protected by plastic anti-collision corners;


Glass surface: Multi-layer protection of electrostatic film is used to avoid damage to the glass during transportation and cause personal injury;


Between glass: Use foam pad to isolate between glass to achieve complete isolation and protection between glass;


Glass fixing: After the inner packaging is completed, the glass shall be protected and fixed with strong materials such as wooden boxes;


Glass installation guide


Before installation, each piece of glass must be checked. If there are problems such as wrong size, broken corners, scratches, abrasion, or incorrect quantity, please do not install.


If there is no manufacturer’s instructions, please do not remove the label of the glass supplier at will, and follow the glass installation instructions and drawings

Remove the residue and other hard objects on the frame.


There must be gaskets on the window frame. According to the manufacturer's recommended cutting size and quantity, the standard width and thickness gaskets are installed on the window frame. The gasket can be made of rubber, wood blocks and other materials, and the corners and connecting parts can be protected by waterproof and gas-proof edges.


Before the glass leaves the factory, the four sides of the glass have been protected by edge sealing glue. The purpose is to prevent the components in the glass glue from corroding to the inside of the glass. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm whether the edge sealing glue is intact before installation. If part of the edge banding glue falls off, the installer needs to refill the banding glue.


The glass must be installed vertically, and the protective film must not be removed.


When installing the outer frame after the glass is fixed, take care to prevent hard objects from touching the glass or burning the glass with welding sparks. Sand, welding sparks or other hard objects during installation and construction may cause irreparable damage to the glass surface.


Glass glue needs to be applied immediately after installation: use non-acid glass glue


Maintenance and use recommendations



Bulletproof glass should be used according to the actual front and back. If the bulletproof glass has a thinner side, the thinner side will be used as the bullet surface to avoid damage to the body after the bulletproof glass is damaged. The thin glass splashes and harms the human body. Bulletproof glass is mainly used for windows and environmental requirements. High places, with industry standards


Maintenance and cleaning


a. Avoid excessive collisions, accidental collisions may bring some scratches to the glass;


b. When cleaning the glass, please use cloth and do not use hard materials such as paper or newspaper to wipe it to avoid scratches on the surface of the glass;

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