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bulletproof face mask

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bulletproof face mask

TDtebo bulletproof mask through 1954 type 7.62mm pistol 5mm shooting test,Can provide mask or helmet integrated
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bulletproof face mask

Face Shield Military Bulletproof Helmet Visor Personal self defense weapons


Bulletproof Material: PC

Standard: USA NIJ 0101.04 Level  IIIA+FDMZ-21-TD Bulletproof mask

Ammunitions: 9mm  para pistol, .44 Magnum lead core, China 54 style pistol lead core,1954 7.62mm pistol 5mm shooting test

bulletproof helmet visor Thickness: 20mm

Transmittance: transparent 86%+

bulletproof helmet visor weight: 1.45±0.05kg

bulletproof visor color: transparent

Name: FAST bulletproof helmet+Mask

Bulletproof helmet visor material: Aramid

Material: aramid

Helmet weight: 1.4KG

Surface treatment: monochrome, frosted granule paint, camouflage

Fan color: black, khaki

Head circumference: 540~620mm

Protective area: 0.11 square meters

Protection level: GA3 level - NIJ IIIA

Shelf life: 8~10 years

Executive Standard: GA293-2012 "Police Bulletproof Helmet and Mask"

Built-in: anti-vibration system, head circumference adjustment system, buffer system, etc.

Product manual:This helmet not only meets the protection requirements, but also considers the integration and meets the needs and influences of the various equipment installations of the soldier's head. Hair: Headphones or earmuffs with headband, electronic hearing protection equipment, night vision equipment, eye protection System, three anti-masks, etc.

bulletproof mask and helmet

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