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Bulletproof window

By understanding the combination of bulletproof glass doors and windows,Learn more about bulletproof characteristics and working principles and common applications
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Bulletproof window

The different between bulletproof windows and doors


The special bulletproof glass doors and windows produced by Tedun are mainly made from bulletproof glass adds bulletproof metal materials. The main reason for the special glass production of Tedun factory is that the main body of the bulletproof glass doors and windows still used bulletproof glass as protective material.Bulletproof glass plays a protective role when the house is invaded,and the frame mainly uses bulletproof steel plates or other high-strength materials as the package frame.Therefore,the difference between the custom bulletproof glass doors and windows and the ordinary bulletproof doors and windows is the main material.For example, most of the ordinary bulletproof doors and windows use bulletproof steel plates as the main material of the bulletproof body, and the advantages and disadvantages are also complementary.

Bulletproof glass manufacturers

Features and functions introduction


  • Bulletproof glass doors and windows have good light transmittance: light transmittance is generally above 78%;
  • The main body of bulletproof windows and doors is bulletproof steel plate which can be repaired, the material cost is relatively high, and the replacement cost is low;
  • After the bulletproof glass doors and windows are invaded, the bulletproof glass body will reduce the bulletproof performance of the bulletproof glass after being damaged, so the bulletproof glass doors and windows need to be replaced in time after being damaged;

The safety of the two is the same. For glass-based bulletproof doors and windows, the safety is higher and the advantages are better. Similar to the bulletproof glass consultation window of the bank, it has transparent protection performance. It is more appropriate to use bulletproof glass as the main protective material here.


Common application places of bulletproof glass


Places with high safety requirements (treasury, banks, financial institutions, private villas, etc.), windshields or side windows of vehicles (usually used in small windows for escort vehicles or private cars, etc.)  In the application of bulletproof glass modification) and bulletproof glass posts, due to the different elastic properties of bulletproof glass in different places,TeDun professionally customized bulletproof glass has a variety of bulletproof types and specifications, as shown below:

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