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Bulletproof glass for cars

Bulletproof glass for car:Choice of bulletproof materials and Automotive bulletproof glass application technical requirements
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Bulletproof glass for car

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The modified thickness of automobile bulletproof glass is generally determined according to the inspection report, and it is mainly a type of customization. Different thickness of bulletproof glass can prevent different levels of firearms. Automotive bulletproof glass should be purchased according to the basic information of the vehicle and the bulletproof level, such as those used in domestic environments. Bulletproof glass grade should be best carried out in accordance with national requirements and norms;

Overall layout of escort vehicles

Choice of bulletproof materials


  1. Consider that automobile bulletproof materials should have at least A-level protection capabilities and be tested and certified by the Ministry of Public Security before being applied (ie inspection reports);
  2. Has bulletproof capability and the light transmittance is not less than 75%, to ensure good vision during driving.
  3. The thickness density of bulletproof glass and bulletproof plates is as small as possible to avoid affecting the maneuverability of the vehicle due to the weight of the material, so it is recommended that the thickness of bulletproof glass and bulletproof plates is 17mm and 3mm, respectively, and the density of bulletproof glass is generally controlled at 2.5Kg/c㎡. The weight of the bulletproof glass is 7.8. All are lighter specifications in bulletproof materials.

Due to the dead weight of bulletproof glass, if it is installed with rubber strips, it may be difficult to support. At the same time, the protective ability of this structure is relatively poor, and it is easy to be pryed off. Therefore, the installation of automobile bulletproof glass should be bonded to the body as a whole. The installation method shown in the following figure more ensures the strength, anti-ballistic performance and integrity. How much money is needed to modify the bulletproof and windshield glass of the car depends on different grades, whether the vehicle is completely changed or half-changed, or the entire set of changes, etc. The most common vehicles are expected to vary from tens of thousands of yuan to complete vehicle modification.

Bulletproof windshield installation diagram

Application technical requirements


What are the related standards about bulletproof glass of vehicle modification: [Public Safety Industry Standards] GA 164-2005 special banknote transporter protection technical conditions and automotive glass application related technical standards, automotive bulletproof glass needs to consider various factors in the application process : For example, the problem of lifting and lowering the bulletproof glass of the side window and the problem of optical sight of the front and rear bulletproof glass applications.

TeDun Special Glass specializes in the production of customized bulletproof glass. It is also engaged in production and supply for armored vehicle modification and automobile bulletproof glass. The requirements for different regions and different car model of bulletproof glass grades are different. The mold customization needs to be designed according to the vehicle registration model. Let the modified bulletproof glass is consistent with the original car and the overall anti-ballistic performance is higher without affecting the overall mobility and safety performance of the vehicle.

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