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Bulletproof glass inspection rules

1. Inspection classification: The inspection classification is identification testing and quality consistency testing. The identification test is to use the samples of this model for all items, and the quality consistency test consists of four test groups.

A:When the products are delivered, all inspections are conducted.

B:when the products are delivered, sampling inspection.


D:quality inspection or user request

2. Inspection items: the test items of various inspections, the corresponding test methods and technical requirements, and the classification of unqualified according to Table 2

1. Group batch rules: bulletproof composite glass products produced with the same batch of raw materials, the same batch of structures and the same batch of production process flow are regarded as a batch

Sampling rules:

a) The number of test samples for identification test should not be less than 9;

b) The samples of Group B inspection are randomly selected from the qualified products of Group A inspection;

c) The inspection samples of Group C and Group D are randomly selected from the qualified products of Group B;

d) The number of group B inspection and sampling is 3, and the group C and group D are 9 and 3 respectively.Judgment rule: if there is a failure, the product will be rejected

Inspection procedures:

1. The bulletproof composite glass must be sent to a quality inspection center approved by the Ministry of Public Security for identification and inspection according to this standard before being qualified for production and use.
2. The identification test report and entrusted test report of bulletproof composite glass are valid for one year.

What material is bulletproof glass made of

Bulletproof glass material: Bulletproof glass is mainly made of multiple pieces of glass and high-quality engineering plastics glued at high temperature and high pressure. Generally, bulletproof glass materials are mostly three-layer structure (load-bearing layer, transition layer, safety protection layer). The middle sandwich material is mainly high-quality high-strength composite materials such as PVB and PC.

Bulletproof glass signs, packaging, transportation and storage

Logo: The bulletproof composite glass outer packaging box should have the product name, manufacturer name, product net weight and other signs.

Packaging: Bulletproof composite glass should be packed in wooden packaging boxes.

Transportation: Bulletproof composite glass should be transported by rail or road in the form of containers.

Storage: Bulletproof composite glass should be stored in a cool and dry warehouse, and should be kept at least 25cm above the ground.

Instruction manual: The product manual should indicate the bulletproof grade and effective period of bulletproof composite glass.

How much is the price of bulletproof glass?

Bulletproof glass price: Bulletproof glass, as a multi-type protective special material, has a different price structure and different application locations. For example: F79B-25 bullet-proof glass, as the most common bullet-proof glass for banks. Its structure is generally: (8mm+8mm+8mm), the price of bulletproof glass is generally around 300 yuan/square. Different bulletproof glass materials and structures...the prices will also be different.

For example, bulletproof glass uses PC materials that have very high application requirements. The material cost and testing cost of the materials are relatively high.

For example, the combination of PC and glass surface requires the use of PU materials. The price of bulletproof glass will also be relatively high.

The factory provides customization, which can be customized according to different places and different material structure needs, and provides bulletin glass inspection reports and bank insurance policies and other materials as bulletproof glass acceptance materials.

What are the characteristics and functions of bulletproof glass

Bulletproof glass features: Bulletproof glass is usually a transparent material, such as polycarbonate thermoplastics (generally force resin).
The function of bulletproof glass: It has the appearance of ordinary glass and the behavior of transmitting light, and provides certain protection for the shooting of small arms.

What is the principle of bulletproof glass?

The principle of bullet-proof glass: through multiple layers of protection or transparent materials made of high-toughness materials to resist the impact or puncture of high-speed collisions or violent intrusions, thereby improving the safety of the protected object (person or property).

What is white glass fogging?

Tedun answer: White fog phenomenon: due to the defect of the previous heating method of glass tempering, the temperature of the tempering furnace is not set, the heating temperature of the upper and lower surfaces of the glass in the furnace is inconsistent, and the heating is uneven, making the glass move while heating under the condition of warpage , the warping time is too long, and the glass and the track repeatedly rubbing, it will produce white fog, white fog is scratch

Solution: you can use wool felt polishing wheel and polishing powder to throw away white mist, reduce the temperature of the lower furnace and capy. And reduce the lower convection and adjust the shooting mode.

Is corner protection required during the installation of bulletproof glass?

 Tedun answer: Glass corners are the most fragile. Tempered glass is easy to break apart if subjected to a strong impact, and ordinary bullet-proof glass corners are very easy to collapse or collapse after impact. So try to use glass gaskets to protect the glass corners during the installation process.

Can it be fixed directly on the glass surface with cement or concrete paste

Tedun answer: Due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the building itself, a certain gap needs to be reserved during the glass installation process, and the groove needs to be reserved 3 ~ 4mm more than the thickness of the glass.
See the bulletproof glass installation instructions for details: How to install bulletproof glass.

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